Thursday, April 29, 2010

Big East In Trouble To Keep It A Conference

They are once again talking about expansions in the college football world. Lets just say its not looking good for the Big East conference considering that the Big Ten conference is trying to get Rutgers and Pitt to join their elite group of teams. While it still stays the same for Notre Dame that they wont join a conference mainly because of there deal with NBC to have their games televised every week. Twitter has been keeping up with the whole expansion talk and has been catching other conferences eyes as well such as the South Eastern Conference (aka SEC). Everybody wants to expand their conference one way or the other, but at this rate the Big East wont even have a conference which leaves the other six teams still there scratching their heads. They would either have to leave the conference and branch off to another one, or bring in less qualified schools to join, but would still make it a legitimate conference with hopefully around 8-9 teams. Its a very touchy subject with coaches and remains a distraction to the players going into the 2010 season. They need to resolve it as soon as they can so that there wont be anymore complications with the expansion or talk of an expansion, make it happen or put it to rest.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Pete Carroll Hinting Picks On Twitter

Former USC football coach Pete Carroll, is now the head coach of the Seattle Seahawks and has been making a buzz around the twitter world. Since the draft finally went underway yesterday, Pete Carroll decided to make it interesting by posting up favorite songs of his on Twitter possibly hinting who he would pick in the draft. For instance, he Tweeted the song California love by Tupac, possibly hinting that he would pick someone that is from that area or went to a California school. Another example was him putting a Taylor Swift song up, hinting he would pick Taylor Mays. The final song he put up was jump around by house of pain, which could of meant picking up J
immy Clausen since house of pain is an irish band and Jimmy Clausen played for Notre Dame.
It also could mean that he is actually going to "jump a round" in the draft. None of these were true
and he was only having fun with it. The Twitter world was going insane because of what he was trying to hint. Everybody was trying to figure out what he was going to do with his picks, I liked how he joked around with it though because everyone is so into Twitter and lives and dies by it.
People want to always have an inside scoop on what a coach will pick in the draft, but Pete Carroll is too smart of a coach to do something dumb like that, he simply likes to have fun, always has, even when he was at USC.
I see more and more coaches getting involved with Twitter tho and I think thats pretty cool since most of the are against it.
Good for you Pete! Keep the fans entertained and guessing with your Tweets!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

NFL Draft Is Upon Us

All the work outs and interviews with teams are coming to an end. It's finally draft week, by this time next week the first pick of the 2010 NFL draft will be picked and the 2010 NFL season can finally go underway. A lot of the players are very excited to see where they will land and what teams they will go to. The energy and hard work these players put into is unexplainable. This is the hardest job interview ever, not only is it physical but mental as well. A team has to make sure that the millions of dollars they will give these 23-22 year olds will be worth every penny and really has to evaluate these guys and make sure they're ready.

No Eye Black Messages, Taunting, or Wedge blocking

For the people who don't know what wedge blocking is, I'll enlighten you all. On a kickoff return, you have to try to block for the man receiving the ball, so coaches in the past would put offensive linemen and come together and "wedge" block for the returner. This rule is no longer in affect due to injury and severe concussions. I 100% agree with this rule because I know what its like to have a concussion and its no walk in the park. Those are full grown men running full speed at each other, probably the most dangerous part of football as far as getting hurt. Its a good rule and should have been enforced a long time ago, okay now thats out of the way, heres my real beef. No eye black messages and no taunting? Why?!? What is the big deal? The reason these players are freaks of nature is because the have huge chips on their shoulders and wants everyone to know that they are the best and nobody will stop them. I mean I know thats what I would want if I were a football coach. Classy guy, respectful, hard worker, and just a nasty, cocky football player who knows he's the best, because he'll play like the best. There were never curses or profanities on the eye black, if anything it was area codes, bible scriptures or some saying someone told them many years ago that is significant to them. Its an ego booster, so why not have your stud football player not play to his potential because he cant have his favorite message on his eye paint? I played football and we're all head cases, we need to have any kind of edge that we can overcome the other opponent. This makes a player whole, and makes them feel invincible. Its like saying they cant get tattoos anymore, it supports individuality and makes it less stressful on Saturday. When you see yourself in the mirror and see what you have on your eye paint, you don't say, time to play football, you say, time to have some fun. This doesn't hurt anybody or effect any team. More and more rules are popping up for college football and more is being taken away from these players, let them have what they want and just let these head cases play awesome football.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Tim Tebow named to be on the cover of NCAA 2011

Tim Tebow has been very busy this year with losing his first game in over 2 years, debating wether or not he should play quarterback or running back, getting ready for the draft and to completely alter his throwing motion. This is a lot for a 22 year old athlete to be dealing with, but an upside is that he was just named to be the cover boy of the popular NCAA football video game for 2011. In 2007 he was the first sophomore to win the Heisman Trophy which launched his career to record breaking seasons along with a total of 2 National Championships in a storybook career at Flordia. He deserves to be on the cover of NCAA 2011 because of his athletic ability and hard work. EA Sports has to pick which football player is the most worthy of being on the next years cover going by how well they did the year prior. Tim Tebow could have been in the argument to be on the cover for the past 3 years due to his success on the field. Unfortunately, for Tim, they cant pay him when he was in school to be on a cover of a video game. He is one of the best college football players the game has ever seen and we're finally rewarding him by putting him on the cover of a video game. We hope that this wont jinx his NFL career, but right now I'm sure he is honored to be on the cover and receive a nice check from EA Sports.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mike Leach's Return to football

Mike Leach, former head football coach at Texas Tech, was fired back in December for allegedly mistreated a player that was receiving treatment for a concussion. He has once again gained our attention in the college football world stating that he expects to come back to coaching in the near future. This is what's going to happen in my opinion if he goes back to coaching, they will embrace him and forget about the previous ordeal and maybe a year or two years down the road will find himself in similar trouble at his new school. Things like this cant be avoided when you turn into the bad guy. Things are bound to come out of the woodwork and nobody's going to be able to respect someone like him. Things that are supposed to be left in the locker room will leak out into the media which will end up getting him in trouble again. This will also most likely happen to a player that might not get the best treatment on the team or get the most playing time due to "politics" in football. They will do anything they can to be able to get their coach in trouble just because their talent doesn't exceeds anybody else's. This is unfortunate for Leach because he probably is a great coach, but with this incident he might not be able to say what he wants to say or be who he wants to be because it might come back and bite him where it hurts. I wish the best of luck for him, but things can get ugly out there for him.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Tim Tebow to the Draft

Florida quarterback Tim Tebow was told to change his release when throwing the football in order to make it to the next level and play quarterback. Listen, he did great at Florida, I don't see why he wont do good in the pros. Not to mention he has changed his release in only 5 weeks of working on it. If you give him 5 weeks to totally change his throwing release, think about what you can do with him over a 2 year span on a professional team. Everyone can just relax about how he's not fit for the league because he clearly has the drive and mental toughness to make changes in something he's been doing his whole life. He is fit for the league, he will get drafted, and he will play Qb one day and be successful.